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UBTECH ROBOTICS CORP is a high-tech enterprise engaging in the R&D, manufacture, as well as promoting and popularizing robots around the world. We are the first company in China dedicated to commercialize humanoid robot, making it walk out of the research institution and become available to ordinary people. We have the most professional team members composing of experienced PhD and MSc robotics experts in both software and hardware areas. We possessed several national patents of our own, including patents in invention, utility model, industrial design, as well as software copyright, etc. Also, we’ve long been cooperating with top research institutions and universities, e.g. Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Harbin Institute of Technology, making us a world-leading company in robotics R&D and manufacturer of humanoid intelligent robots.

With our own innovative technology and outstanding creativity, we are working to create the intelligent robot that can interact with people, help and serve people. UBTECH starts a new era of intelligent robot time. We believe that we will bring robots to every home, and truly integrate intelligent robots into daily life of common people, creating a more intelligent and human-friendly way of leisure life.

First Order Stormtrooper

Pre-order your Star Wars First Order StormtrooperTM Robot now
Estimated shipping from 20 Nov 2017 onwards

Jimu Explorer Kit

Includes 7 Robotic Servo Motors

Jimu BuzzBot/MuttBot Kit

Includes 6 Robotic Servo Motors

Jimu Mini Kit

Includes 4 Robotic Servo Motors

Jimu Inventor Kit

Includes 16 Robotic Servo Motorsor

Alpha1 Pro


Jimu Karbot Kit

3 Robotic Servo Motors
1 Infrared Sensor

Jimu AstroBot Kit

5 Robotic Servo Motors
1 Infrared Sensor

Jimu TankBot Kit

6 Robotic Servo Motors
1 Infrared Sensor

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