Triigger 275 & Triigger 350 Gaming series is the latest addition to Vertagear gaming chair product family. Over 275 and 350 individual components are meticulously assembled together to construct the astonishingly beautiful Triigger 275 and Triigger 350, respectfully.

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The Gaming Series is the most ergonomic product line of the Vertagear gaming chair family. The Triigger Line 350 features over 350 individual components which are meticulously assembled together to construct the most ergonomic, flexible chair in the industry. Game longer and more intense than with the standard racing-style chair.

The Triigger 350’s key focus is the ergonomics along with the design and functionality of the unrivaled gaming chair. The chair is designed to access a wide range of adjustability that give the users the best comfort and support within the reach of your fingers. The chair features a built-in back and lumbar support.


  • Premium Materials – The Triigger 350 is constructed with an Aluminum Alloy frame for light weight and durability.
  • Dual Spring Hub – contains over 80 individual components that controls the seat height, tilt angle, and tilt tension adjustments.
  • Adjustable Backrest – not all bodies are the same – adjust the chair the way you like to sit with the backrest angle adjustment. The back of the Triigger can recline 33 degrees, and be locked into 22 different positions.
  • Adjustable Height – seat adjustability makes sure users of different heights can adjust the chair to their unstressed posture. The Triigger allows users to change their seating positions as fast as 0.32 seconds.
  • Adjustable Armrests – customized to the shape of the arm with adjustability in height gives support to your arms and prevents potential stress.
  • Adjustable Seat Depth – the Triigger’s seat can be adjusted back and forth, which allows users more flexibility in seat depth.
  • Multi-directional Lumbar Support – the built-in lumbar support on the Triigger 350 allows the users to adjust the angle of the whole back frame, creating maximum comfort for all users.
  • Holtron Hub-less Casters – features roller bearing for pleasing appearance and smooth operation.




As gamers and engineers, we love leveling up. The constant evolution of our products forms the foundation of our team. We obsess over every part - every tiny detail - every day. From utilizing the most premium material to considering the nuances of your day-to-day, we strive to give you the best experience from the first touch. Brought to life in 2015 by a mixture of computer hardware veterans, furniture specialists, designers and gamers, our aim is to develop products catered to the sensibilities of the gaming community by combining the full spectrum of our expertise. Design, comfort, functionality and quality-we have it all. What we offer is a break from the norm. We invest in research to craft products that will improve your daily gaming in unobtrusive, hassle-free ways. We believe convenience and ease of use forge the basis of any consumer-oriented invention, while quality and creativity shape the pillars of innovation. Ingenuity never ceases, and neither do we.

Model: VG-TL350_BK
Overall height (incl. base): 1025-1115 mm / 40.4-43.9 in
Backrest Width (shoulder): 495 mm / 19.5 in
Backrest Width (lumbar): 466 mm / 18.3 in
Seat Width: 500 mm / 19.7 in
Seat Depth: 470-510 mm / 18.5-20 in
Net Weight: 23 kg / 50.7 lbs
Gross Weight: 27 kg / 59.5 lbs
Max Load: 150 kg / 330 lbs

Materials: Aluminum Alloy (frame and base), Steel Alloy (Mechanism), TPEE and PET, Calfskin Leather
Casters: Gaming Series Holtron 65mm/2.5″ Hub-Less Casters

Package Dimension: 880 x 660 x 550 mm 34.5 x 26 x 21.5 in