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1 –  UNIQUE: The ideal ecosystem for connected DJs. Finally, control your mixes from all your devices – Android, iOS, PC and Mac!
1 controller, 1 program, 2 applications, 3 modes… and much more!
The external source input allows you to connect any smartphone or tablet (using the included cable) and instantly access all your playlists on Spotify, Deezer or other music streaming services. Add EQs and samples at your convenience!

2 – Unrivalled FREEDOM – experience the party from the heart of the dance floor, at any time!
Enjoy the freedom to move and groove with your party’s crowd. In addition to your computer, you can also control your mix from your smartphone or tablet using built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology and the My Remote module provided by the dedicated  DJUCED™ Master app
§Keep your transitions under control!  And if you are caught in the middle of a conversation or a drink – the PANIC button is there to help you out, enabling you to automatically launch the best next track!
3 – Be as creative as a pro DJ.
The DJUCED™ Master application’s My Extender module lets you unleash your creativity.
With just one finger, create loops and FX combos worthy of a pro DJ! A feature delivering truly professional effects that has never been so simple and fun.


4- NEVER SEEN BEFORE! Let the people at your party chime in, for a perfect party!
Prepare your party by sharing your playlist with your guests through DJUCED™ 40°, and ask them to vote for their favorite tracks. The DJUCED™ Master application allows you to view the votes in real time. Hone your playlists to please your guests!
During the party, ask your guests to vote for their favorite tracks and customize your playlist according to their requests – live! The highest-voted playlist is visible on your second device (tablet or smartphone), allowing you to track it in real time.
View the tracks, artists or special messages submitted by your party’s guests. Customized playlists for unforgettable parties!
5- Reinvent your parties… and beyond
Share your ideas or needs to constantly build this evolutionary app. Much more soon!


1 DJ controller, 3 modes!


PC/Mac® LAPTOP MODE: Mix essentials
•Ignite the dance by mixing with your controller and your computer
•Control DJUCED™ 40°from your Mac® or PC (via a USB connection)
•Compatible with MIDI DJing software

MULTISCREEN MODE: Extended and unprecedented mixing possibilities!
•Mix from your Mac® or PC (via a USB connection)
•Control or extend your mix from your smartphone or tablet using the built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology and the dedicated DJUCED™ Master app
•Discover infinite possibilities with this evolutionary app!

TABLET MODE: intuitive mixing features at your fingertips
Wirelessly connect your tablet to your Hercules Universal DJ controller: you are ready to mix! (Bluetooth® wireless technology)

•Preview the following track by connecting your tablet’s audio output to the external input using the included audio cable

A comprehensive DJ controller
•Mixing controls for 2 separate decks
•2 pressure-sensitive capacitive jog wheels
•Built-in audio interface featuring speaker and headset outputs, and an external input
•16 pads

A modern and slim design
•Scratch-brushed finish on decks, matte finish on central mixing deck
•Metal surface on jog wheels
•Backlit buttons enabling users to locate controls easily, even in low light conditions
•Lightweight and portable: bring life to parties, wherever you are!



Hercules: Digital Core. Analog Roots® For over 30 years, we have focused on innovating and developing digital audio solutions which continue to inspire users with endless new possibilities. We constantly draw on our roots in analog audio, in order to offer cutting-edge devices, celebrated for their precision and sound quality. From our very first sound card to our latest high-tech mixing controllers, Hercules has built up a level of expertise and know-how widely acknowledged within the audio industry. With the digital audio era still in its early stages (considering analog audio’s more than a century and a half of history), we find ourselves facing a new path whose direction is ours to chart. Acknowledging and respecting where we come from – while at the same time remaining keenly focused on the evolution of audio and DJing – is the philosophy which guides us every day: Digital Core. Analog Roots®.

Technical specifications
DJ controller with dual mixing decks

Bluetooth® wireless technology

- Built-in audio (Mix + Preview outputs /

External input)

- Capacitive jog wheels

- 16 performance pads
Comprehensive software suite:

DJUCED™ 40°for Mac®/PC

DJUCED™ Master for iOS / Android

DJUCED™ App for iOS / Android


Physical specifications
Measurements: 40 (L) x 23 (D) x 4,5 (H) cm
Jog wheels diameter: 11 cm
Weight: 1.5 kg


Required configuration

•2 GHz or faster CPU
•2 GB RAM ore more
•Windows Vista, 7, 8 (32 and 64 bits)
•MAC OSX 10.7 and higher (32 and 64 bits)
DJUCED™ Master (iOS and Android)

iOS 7 and higher / Bluetooth® 4.0

iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 5, iPad mini, iPad 3 and later devices


Android 4.0 and higher / Bluetooth® 3.0
DJUCED™ App (iOS and Android)

iOS 7 and higher / Bluetooth® 4.0

iPad mini, iPad 3 and later devices

Android 4.0 and higher / Bluetooth® 3.0


Packaging contents
•Hercules Universal DJ
•Installation CD
•Printed Quick Start Guide + poster
•USB cable
•RCA mini-jack audio cable