Versatile DJ Headphones, for Djing and leisure, 60-ohm impedance, 20Hz-20Khz all audible frequency bandwidth, 95dB/mW sensitivity, easy one ear monitoring and 2 rotation axes,  foldable, extending arms, closed-back and circumaural ear-cups

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DJ headphones for all uses

•95 dB at 1 mW sensitivity: strong output level lets you preview tracks in any environment
•50 mm diameter drivers: clear playback for strong bass response
•20Hz-20kHz: bandwidth covers all audible frequencies, to preview what your speakers can play
•60 ohm drivers: low enough impedance for strong output volume on DJ gear, computers and mobile audio players
Trendy design

•Large ear-cups
•Black fabric, matte black housing
Swivel housing for convenient use

•Easy 1-ear monitoring
•Easy folding and mobility
•Extending arms for both large and small heads
Efficient sound isolation

•Large ear pads shield the user’s ears from ambient noise
•Closed-back ear-cups prevent sound from bleeding out
Comfortable housing

•Ear pads’ width and softness isolate the user’s ears



Hercules: Digital Core. Analog Roots® For over 30 years, we have focused on innovating and developing digital audio solutions which continue to inspire users with endless new possibilities. We constantly draw on our roots in analog audio, in order to offer cutting-edge devices, celebrated for their precision and sound quality. From our very first sound card to our latest high-tech mixing controllers, Hercules has built up a level of expertise and know-how widely acknowledged within the audio industry. With the digital audio era still in its early stages (considering analog audio’s more than a century and a half of history), we find ourselves facing a new path whose direction is ours to chart. Acknowledging and respecting where we come from – while at the same time remaining keenly focused on the evolution of audio and DJing – is the philosophy which guides us every day: Digital Core. Analog Roots®.

Technical specifications
HDP DJ M40.1
Headphones for DJing & leisure use

Audio playback
• 95 dB at 1 mW sensitivity
• 20Hz-20kHz: audible frequencies

Drivers for DJing
• 60 ohm impedance
• Large aperture
• 1.97”/50 mm driver diameter

• 6.5’/2 m cable
• 1/8”/3.5 mm stereo mini-jack plug
• 1/4”/6.35 mm stereo jack adapter