Withings Wifi Body Weighing Scale

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An included free service links your scale to the internet

The web dashboard is the extension of your WiFi scale. From any web browser, or from the free iPhone application supplied by Withings, you can log on and see a rich, relevant view of all of your weight data collected by your scale, with no time limitation and in total confidentiality.

Each time you weigh yourself

Everyday the WiFi scale measures your lean and fat mass automatically. This allows you to concentrate on the origins of your weight variations.

The web dashboard offers a rich graphical interface with easy browsing over time and allows you to zoom in on the date ranges of your choice. You therefore take pleasure in observing the evolution of your fitness in a simple, intuitive environment.

Precise, personalized data

The WiFi scale is extremely accurate. It is normal that the web dashboard takes into account this precision and reliably reproduces your data.

Click on the label of a weigh-in to accurately see your weight, your fat mass, and your lean mass. Then the screen displays your body mass index (BMI) and situates your data in relation to the healthy reference ranges set to your profile.


For the whole family

The WiFi scale is for the entire family, and the dashboard lets you manage up to 8 users.

You can monitor your children's growth directly in your interface so you can keep an eye on their health over time.



Stay motivated

Monitor changes in your weight with graphs automatically generated by the Withings scale and avoid getting discouraged.

Share your progress with friends on your blog, Facebook or Twitter. Let your friends cheer you on!

Set your goals and get a weekly progress report by email.

Assess your efforts

Body composition model

The Withings scale can measure your muscle mass and fat mass so you can see the real impact of your efforts.

A balanced diet

Evaluate your diet with Withings' nutrition partners and consult your results.

Sports program

Create your own sports programme with any of the many Withings partners and monitor its effectiveness. Discover a range of compatible services




"The Connected Scale from Withings not only looks the part, somewhere between the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey and an iPhone, but it performs futuristic functions, too."
"More often the object of dread than fascination, the humble bathroom scale has been given a makeover by Withings…"
USA Today
"The Wi-Fi body scale from Withings can keep dieters connected"
" Help them keep their New Year’s resolution this year with the WiFi Body Scale.
Oh Gizmo
"Not only does the Withings Connected Scale look ridiculously stylish with its tempered glass surface, brushed metal accents and inverted LCD display, but its functions actually manage to outweigh its form."
"...the icing on the cake, or maybe the cottage cheese on the celery is a better analogy, is the free WiScale iPhone app which gives you access to [your] graphs and weight data from your phone."
"We immediately noticed how easy this was going to be. There's nothing to it — you just step on the scale, stand there for about 15 seconds while the scale measures your weight and body fat, and step off […] About a minute later, the data it collects appears on the password-protected Withings website"
"If you are trying to get in shape and you want to track details about your body the Withings WiFi Body Scale may be perfect for you."
"So, the Withings Wi-Fi scale may be an ideal gift for the fitness obsessed and/or diet-prone in your life"
"...the more I think about it the more I like the idea."
Financial Times
"Today's weight: 97kg’- how online updates are getting more intimate Weighing scales from French technology company Withings use a wireless internet connection to tweet your weight every time you stand on them. "


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