AIT - 2 Turbo - 80GB(Native)

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  • Lifetime
  • TAIT2-80N



  • High storage capacity in a small and compact 8mm cartridge: capacity of 208GB compressed data (80GB native).
  • Fast data transfer using efficient Helical Scan technology of 12MB/sec sustained native transfer rate.
  • Cost effective solutions while keeping reliable AIT characteristics.
  • Proven reliability and durability with a 30 year media life thanks to AME technology (Advanced Metal Evaporated).
  • AIT Turbo Media can only be used with an AIT Turbo drive. Current AIT drives can't read nor write the new AIT TURBO media line-up (T-AIT) except AIT-3Ex drives. New AIT Turbo drives can read and write current AIT media line-up (AIT & T-AIT).
  • Cleaning Tape: SDX1-CL


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